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Added on: March 1st, 2009

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YawnLog is a new website, still in beta, that tracks the number of hours you sleep per night. It places the information you input on a handy graph so you can track your sleeping patterns over an extended period of time.

Using the service, an account needs to be created. YawnLog also allows you to label your dreams with “tags,” view your friends sleeping nearby (future implementation), and visualize recorded data in new ways!

YawnLog is a production of the creative and technical minds of HelloSilo LLC. (X number here) coders and designers joined together in a twenty-four hour hackathon extravaganza to create the next second-best thing on the Web. YawnLog was one of many ideas that jumped out of the primordial ooze of HelloSilo’s first hackathon, Opportunity For Fame, held from 10 am on Saturday 21 February to 10:00 am Sunday 22 February 2009.