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Added on: April 16th, 2009

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WeatherFlash is one cool site that do one thing nicely, it tells you how’s the weather. Sure you can get weather conditions from a bunch of sites that are well known to provide such service, but you won’t enjoy looking at the results like you would using WeatherFlash.

The site has a clean design with a simple search box, and if you don’t want to use the search, you can browse the directory. Anyway, back to our search, once you start typing in the search box, suggestions start showing up, kind of cool to minimize key strokes. Select your city and hit enter. The result is a nice and clear display of all relevant weather information of your city. Switching between Metric and Imperial systems is a snap, and if you’re in doubt of what those cool weather condition images mean, just hover over them, and a nice tooltip will tell you what they mean.

A question always come to the curious/doubtful mind of certain people, where does the data come from? Well, the guys behind the site thought you might ask this, just look at the bottom of the page to satisfy your curiosity. And now, if you are hooked and want to see what else is being cooked, just follow the updates on Twitter @weatherflash.

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