The Week in Review – Part 1

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The Week in Review is a summary of the weekly activities that took place here on SingleFunction.

This is our first one, so hopefully you find it a useful reference for each week’s additions to our website.

Who was featured?

The following list contains the single function sites that were featured this week in our Showcase (ordered alphabetically):

  1. Addictomatic
  2. ChirpCity
  3. CopyTaste
  4. FeedRevolution
  5. FindAnyFilm
  6. FractionToDecimal
  7. FriendPaste
  8. IlFaitBeauOuPas
  9. KeepHD
  10. LyricSift
  12. MooURL
  13. NiceTranslator
  14. OneLlama
  15. PageBoss
  16. QuotesOnDesign
  17. RapidZearch
  19. RouteBlast
  20. ScrapeTorrent
  21. Triplify
  22. TweetoClock

And if you like visual references like me, here’s a collage.

Single Function Sites of The Week - Part 1

What did we talk about?

The following list is what we have discussed in our Articles:

How did we do?

Your opinion is what really counts, and we take it very seriously.

Add your comments and let us know how we did, we are listening.