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OneMileScroll is one long scroll, 1 mile to be exact, literally, with markers of actual height or physical distance of anything that does not exceed a mile long. So if you ever wanted to see how much you need to scroll on your own computer screen to reach the top of Burj Dubai or even the distance light travels in a nanosecond, OneMileScroll will answer that for you.

A nice feature the service offers is that it allows you to add heights or distances yourself, just make sure what you are adding is accurate and know that whatever is added is going to be approved at a later time by the site admin.

The scale used is 96 pixels for every inch, and using the Eiffel Tower (324 meters high) as an example, this means it would be 1,224,576 pixels high, and that’s exactly how much you need to scroll to find it. You can check it out yourself, just make sure that you use a conversion tool such as Converticious.

OneMileScroll is the creation of Daniel Eatock, and was published to coincide with "Extra Medium" at Arcadia University Art Gallery Philadelphia September 2008.

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