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MeeCSS is an extremely useful service that helps you submit your website to CSS galleries with ease and speed. We all know the importance and benefits of submitting our sites to CSS galleries, as this definitely helps us publicize our web creations, especially when we have done a good job in designing our sites so that they get featured on those popular galleries that most web design fans visit frequently for inspiration.

As the number of CSS galleries keep rising, the task of submitting our sites becomes more tiresome, and this is what MeeCSS will help with by simply filling up a form and selecting which CSS galleries you want to submit to. Once you click on "Submit Your Site", an "insertion helper window" containing your data will appear over the submission pages of each CSS gallery you selected, making it an easy and fast way to filling up the submission forms by simply copying and pasting or even draging and droping your info into the appropriate fields. Here’s a video showing how this is done:

From MeeNews on Vimeo.


  • Submit your website to popular CSS galleries with ease and speed
  • Information about the current CSS gallery is nicely displayed in the header
  • Going forward to the next gallery or back to the previous one is a snap with a simple click
  • No need to remember the submission page URL
  • No registration required

MeeCSS is the creation of Tierra Virtual and Luca Martincigh.

To learn about what is new from MeeCSS, simply follow the updates on Twitter @meeCSS.

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