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IndexedByGoogle is a simple, clean, and fast way to check if a webpage is indexed by Google. If you are saying that you can do that by yourself, I tell you of course you can, but remember that indexing of a webpage by Google might sometime contain “www” in front or might not, hence requiring you to search twice, and that’s where IndexedByGoogle can help, it will check both versions and save you time.

The site also offers a bookmarklet that makes it easier for you to use the service. Instead of navigating to the website to check a page, the bookmarklet allows you to see if a page is indexed from the actual page. Now that’s what I call a time saver.


  1. Dave
    April 2nd, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Well done! Simple, efficient, and useful! Would love to see the time of last indexing since that would tell me if recent updates have added to the index. That feature would keep me coming back for more…

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