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VisibleTweets is the coolest way, so far, to visualize Twitter messages. Simply enter your search term and watch the impressive visualization of the tweets. The default visualization/animation is "Letter by letter" and you can try out 2 more; the "Rotation" and the "Tag Cloud".

Beside the fact that it looks good, VisibleTweets, through it’s support of static URLs and bookmarking, can be used for many things; you can use it in public areas to display tweets about a particular issue, or even use it as a screensaver with the right tools.


VisibleTweets is the creation of Cameron Adams – a.k.a The Man in Blue, and you can follow the updates on Twitter @visibletweets.

That’s how Cameron describes his site:

Visible Tweets is a visualisation of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces.

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2 Comments ( Add Yours )

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